How Long Should I Soak Bamboo Skewers For? May 13 , 2022

Wooden Skewers are a great way to pack color and taste on a single stick. Creating something delicious, beautiful, and easy to eat. These sticks can be prepared and placed on a gas or charcoal grill in no time.

When working with wooden skewers you must soak them in water for at least 30 minutes in advance. The ideal is to let the skewers sit underwater taking in as much water as possible. If needed you can add a flavor to the water, adding an impressive note to your meal.

Take a large pan that will easily hold and soak the bamboo skewers. Then fill it up with at least half an inch of water. Let the sticks sit in there while you prepare the rest of your meal. You can easily get away with letting them sit in water for 3 hours. Making sure they do not burn on the grill.

Take them out and place them on a cotton towel or cloth. There is no need to wipe them dry, but you can add a layer of cooking spray on top. This ensures a quick assemble of your skewers and allows the food to easily slip off when eating.

Start stacking the food on the skewers, and create a healthy balance. Before you start, cut down every meat, vegetable, or fruit you are about to use in the same size. Then start by pairing foods that will take the same time to cook. Creating a balance will ensure you serve delicious skewers in no time!

However, if you want you can grill fruits and vegetables separately, and reserve some sticks for meats. This way you can cook the meats in the middle of the grill for maximum heat, and place the vegetables and fruits on the outskirts of the grill. While they will get a nice char and flavor, they won’t burn to a crisp.

Once they are done you can serve them along with the skewer on any serving plate of your choice. Allowing everyone to enjoy the food they are in the mood for!

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